Toos Bonten

Toos (Catharina) Bonten.

Works and lives in Sterksel.

Dutch artist.

The Netherlands.


Was active with education and the theory of education.

1992-1997 Finished my study at the New Academie in Utrecht.

2009- Participation Biënnale in Florence.

2018- Participation in the Colorfield Performance in Sloten

in kader van Leeuwarden Culturele Hoofdstad 2018.

Art is passion! For me art is creating a new reality.

I make sculptures in stone and bronze.

In stone I am seaching for balance between polished and rough stone.

Women are a favorite subject.

My bronze sculptures are femail, graceful, dancing en elegant.

My paintings are very colourful.

I want to make the World more beautiful with sculptures and colourful paintings.